Friday, June 15, 2018

Best Bunny Stampin' Up! Rabbit in a Hat Card Tutorial

Here is my easy way to make the pocket for the bunny. It is so simple, but I didn't want a lot of mechanism on the card ruining the "magic".

 I used tear tape on the sides of the table/cake stand and folded a rectangular piece of cardstock in half. Then, I put tear tap on both sides of it.

Next, I adhered it to the bottom of the "table" and removed the backing from the next three pieces of tear tape.
Then, I adhered it to the card centered above the "table base".  The bunny looks like this before you add the magical hat.

 Because it is such a close fit, the hat is only adhered to the table, so it is really easy to remove the bunny. However, I can turn it upside down, and the bunny doesn't fall out.


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