Monday, May 3, 2010

Island Oasis Drink Umbrellas Tutorial

These umbrellas are easy, but do take a little time.  I think you'll enjoy how easy they really are. If it seems confusing, it is probably the fault of my instructions. Maybe having a Scalloped Die Cut on hand while you're reading would make it pretty easy to imagine?

What do you need?

Sticky Strip
Designer Series Paper and or cardstock
Bamboo Skewers
Scoring Tool
Big Shot Bigz Scalloped Circle Die

Scalloped One-Layer Umbrella

The first step is to score the Stampin' Up! Bigz Scalloped Circle every 4 scallops at the low point (meaning in the trough-not at the curve/peak of the scallop) in half evenly from top to bottom (or bottom to top-your call) At the end you will be left with only three scallops rather than four.

At the peak/curve of the middle of the three scallops, score again in the vertical direction. We'll call this the ~fold~ score. You can see this step in Tempting Turquoise below.  Now just bump fold all the regular scores up and fold the ~fold~ score down.

Next, add sticky strip to the inside of the valley/trough as shown below.

Next, remove the red backing and create the flaps shown below. This is a view of the bottom of your umbrella:

To complete the umbrella, just use sticky strip to lay the fold down flat.  This is the simplest way to make an umbrella. At this point, just poke a bamboo skewer into the point at the top and secure at the top or bottom with a mini glue dot.  I cut my bamboo skewers shorter (I cut the flat end not the point.) using very sharp kitchen shears so that they would be at the right point at the top of the glass.

Removing the Scalloped Edge

To create a smaller or more masculine umbrella, it is pretty simple to cut off the scalloped edges.  You proceed with the scoring as you did for the first umbrella, but don't use sticky strip yet. Line up the scored lines on your paper cutter and remove the four scallops as shown below.  You do this the same way for the spot at which there is only three scallops too.
Next, fold the umbrella as you did the first one and follow the previous steps using Sticky Strip to adhere the flap down.  Notice below that there is a bit of the underside showing.

I just sheared that off with paper snips.

It is so simple to just place the umbrella without scallops onto the scalloped umbrella for the fancy version. :)  At that point you just poke a bamboo skewer through each piece carefully and add a glue dot on each side (top and bottom) of the stick.  You may want to adhere the umbrella layers together as well. I added a tiny flower on top for added decoration, but it isn't necessary. 

I'd love to see your umbrellas if you make some, so feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog or gallery post.  Have fun!


Anonymous said...

These are very cool Rhonda! If I lived in the area, I'd be a regular at at your classes! I know Monica sure has fun with you! Janice

lisa808 said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial. I love your umbrellas.

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

So cool! I will have to make these for sure, thanks for the tutorial!

Tinkerin In Ink said...

Great tutorial and these things are adorable!!!! I may have my club ladies make them tomorrow :)

Betty said...

great instructions! what a fun idea!

Judy Garza said...

These are WAY too cute! Thanks for the detailed instructions. My Big Shot class this month is going to LOVE these!!

Judy Garza said...

These are WAY too cute, Rhonda! Thank you for the detailed instructions. You ROCK! -Judy

Lucia Kaiser said...

Thank you so much for this adorable tutorial. I can't wait to try it.

Lucia Kaiser