Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wrapped Present Gift Card Holder

Today's post is for the Stampin' Addicts Fun Fold Tech #5 today on Stampin' Addicts!

It is a great birthday celebration this week with a Technique focused birthday blog hop this Friday (check back to see it here of course!), so look for fun things all around the Stampin' Addicts site and join in! 
For today's Fun Fold, Vicki Burdick has graciously allowed me to feature her Wrapped Present Gift Card Holder. It is the perfect festive Birthday gift card holder and is great for celebrating for us on Stampin' Addicts! Thanks Vicki! Here is a link to Vicki's blog for a peek at her instructions in case you could use a second explanation: It's a Stamp Thing: Gift Card Holder It does not fit in an envelope, but do you really need one?
1. Cut a piece of base cardstock 4" by 8", a piece of cardstock 4-1/4" by 3" (score in the the 3 inch side at 1-1/2"/down the vertical middle), and a piece of contrasting/matching cardstock at 1" by 4".

2. Cut designer series paper to match 3-3/4" by 3-3/4 " and just under 1-1/4" by 4".

3. Cut your bow by first punching the small oval punch and then punching the large oval punch around it. I tried for a consistent top and put the extra cardstock (since they do not layer perfectly) at the base to allow for gluing. I glued them with Mono Multi in the green and white bottle and sticky strip, but for class glue dots work well.

4. Use sticky strip to close the 8"X4" base and use a gift card to position a piece of sticky strip horizontally across the card so that the gift card or cardstock attached to it doesn't fall all the way to the bottom (for me it was 3/4 of an inch from the edge).

5. Punch part of a circle using the 1-1/4 circle punch at the top of the base, line up your dsp layer and punch it as well. Then glue your dsp to your base and then your contrasting 1X4" layer. Punch your contrasting 1X4" layer to match
6. Fold your "lid" and adhere the dsp to the front. Make your embellishment for the front and put the "bow" behind it.

7. Attach velcro to the flap putting the "pokey" side on the card and the "fluffy" side on the flap for ease of use. If you have adhesive velcro, I wouldn't trust it--I used a dot of Mono Multi green top glue.

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Angela B. said...

I love this! What a great idea! I know you sell Stampin Up but have you checked out the scrapbook store in Edmond. It is across from Jazzercise. I have been in there a couple of times they have a good selection of stuff and I bet they would be willing to allow you to set up your card making workshops with them. Of course you will promote your products but they have theirs to sell as well. I dunno it was a thought I figured I would share it. From one Edmondite to another. :)