Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stampin' Addicts Technique Challenge #70 (Tech70) Stamping with Fresh/Real Leaves

In order to stamp with leaves, I first went into the yard and gathered a variety of leaves in small sizes.  I tried a couple of different things since we didn't have the clear blocks the last time I stamped with leaves. Last time, I merely pressed the leaf into the inkpad and stamped it onto the cardstock each time.  This is certainly a fun way to accomplish leaf stamping...I just wanted to try it differently.

1. Choose the colors you'd like to use for each leaf and stick with those colors to make it easier to stamp again with the same leaf.
2. Adhere the fresh pliable leaf to your clear block with snail. DO NOT use double stick tape or sticky strip.  As you can see on the two stamped leaves at the bottom of the second picture, the tape square shows through as the leaf is stamped.  You can see an example of a leaf stamped after being adhered to the block with SNAIL at the top of the second picture--no obvious square even though you can see the SNAIL through the clear block on the leaf itself.
3. Start with the largest leaft you are going to stamp for ease in placement.
4. Color your leaf with a marker getting the edges well.
5. Huff on the leaf and stamp.  I was able to stamp each one twice by again breathing warm air onto the stamp and re-stamping. After that you'll need to reink with your marker.
6. Continue stamping with the other leaves and colors.
7. Finish your card.

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Ellen Pruett (aka Chipper) said...

Totally forgot about buckle cards!!! Love it!