Friday, January 6, 2012

Food Friday-Back to Back leftover usage

It is common sense, and I should have already thought of it, but making the most of your purchases can be helpful in meal planning and in using up what you have on hand.  My online acquaintance Brie Clark mentioned back to back meal planning recently.

For example, if you know you want to have tacos on Tuesday, you'll need lettuce (usually shredded) and tomato.  You might try to have BLTs or another sandwich on either Monday or Wednesday to use up the produce.  This can apply if you are a small or large family. Large families usually buy a larger package at Sam's anyway right?

Another idea might be to roast a whole chicken on Monday and have it as the main dish. Your leftovers could then be used as topping for pizza, chicken with Alfredo sauce and pasta, chicken pot pie or a chicken soup (Mexican style, Minestrone or chicken with rice perhaps?) later in the week.

With a roast, you could eat it as is the first night. Then make beef burgundy with mushrooms and noodles the next night or have French Dip sandwiches.

Next week: Save time on time-consuming recipes.

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